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Treatment Overview

The TomoTherapy® System is a clinically proven, effective treatment platform for tumors throughout the body and can improve patients' quality of life.

One of the most innovative and precise radiation therapy systems available, the TomoTherapy System enables clinicians to customize treatment plans to each patient's unique needs, and relies on integrated imaging to verify tumor position to ensure accurate radiation delivery at each treatment.

Clinical publications related to TomoTherapy treatment casesThe TomoTherapy System is a radiation delivery system that efficiently treats cancer anywhere in the body. Designed like a CT scanner, the TomoTherapy System uses integrated imaging to enhance treatment accuracy and a unique beam delivery approach to improve treatment precision. Together, these features enable clinicians to customize treatments for each patient, minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, which can result in fewer side effects.

The TomoTherapy System can be used for virtually any case for which radiation therapy is prescribed, including those involving large tumors or multiple tumors throughout the body.

The TomoTherapy System may be used as the only treatment, or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. Hundreds of scientific papers have been written on the use of the TomoTherapy System in clinics worldwide. Many show that its unique design results in superior treatment plans and improved clinical outcomes compared with traditional radiation therapy.

The Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System is the next generation TomoTherapy platform, designed to enable doctors to more efficiently and effectively deliver precise radiation treatments to more patients.

The new Radixact System is a uniquely smart radiation therapy system that enables optimal treatment for more patients.